Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
140 Horseheads Blvd.
Elmira Heights, NY 14903
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Monthly Calendar
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Upcoming Calendar
Saturday, May 8th
St. John the Theologian
5:00 pm, Great Vespers with Archbishop MICHAEL 
Sunday, May 9th
St. Thomas Sunday
8:40 am, Hours (3rd&6th)
9:00 am, Hierarchial Divine Liturgy with Archbishop MICHAEL 
Festal Luncheon following Liturgy 
Saturday, May 15th
5:00 pm, Great Vespers, Confession
Sunday, May 16th
Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women 
8:40 am, Hours (3&6)
9:00 am, Divine Liturgy
1:00 pm, Blessing of Graves

Reader Schedule

April 24 & 25 - Mary-Carol Haluszczak

April 25 - (Bridegroom Matins) Mat. Tamara

April 26-27 - (Bridegroom Matins) Mary Carol Haluszczak

April 28 - (Presanctified Liturgy) Rdr William

April 29 - (Liturgy of St Basil) Rdr William

April 30 - Dcn Michael, Rdr William, any others (Royal Hours)

April 30 - (Vespers) Alexander Charlanow; (Lamentations) Rdr William

Holy Saturday

  • May 1 - (Liturgy of St Basil) Old Testament Readings- All Readers, Choir Members and Youth
  • May 1 - (Liturgy of St Basil) Epistle- Mary Carol Haluszczak

Great and Holy Pascha

  • May 1-2 - Nocturns- Rdr William
  • May 1-2 - (Liturgy of Pascha) Epistle- Rdr William

Bright Monday

  • May 3 - Paschal Liturgy- Rdr Gabriel


Fellowship Schedule

Apr 25 - Melnik, Turic & Weeks Families (Palm Sunday)

May 2 - Pascha Agape

May 9 - Parish Potluck (St Thomas & Archbishop Michael visit)

May 16 - Angelo, McKane & Loveland Families

May 23 - Charlanow Families

May 30 - Cowan Family

Choir Rehearsal Schedule

Choir Group Schedule: (Singing at the stands with Nina & Mat. Tamara)

Group A: Rdr William & Carol Haluszczak, Adam McKane

Group B: Maria Turic, Toni Weeks, John Terry, Steve Chepliclk


Choir Rehearsals:

April 18 - Sunday

Lawncare Schedule